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Silent Witness

IMDB: 7.8

1996, 22 seasons to date

Crime / Drama / Mystery


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Crimes through the eyes of a team of forensic pathologists and forensic scientists.

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Season 1

  • Long Days, Short Nights: Part 1

    When Mark James' decomposing body is found in an abandoned building, there is every indication that he was part of some occult ritual. An upside down cross was carved on his chest, his wrists were bound with ivy and he was strangled. All evidence points to his friend Sebastian Bird, a rich idler who allowed James to live in his house but who had also developed a expert knowledge of the occult before being sent down from Cambridge for having had an affair with a professor's wife. Sam Ryan's testy relationship with the police continues as she is having difficulty ...

    Long Days, Short Nights: Part 1
  • Long Days, Short Nights: Part 2

    Sam continues her investigation into Mark James' murder. When another of Sebatian Bird's one-time friends is killed the police are ever more convinced of his guilt and grow increasingly frustrated at Sam's inability to provide them the evidence that they are sure is there. The solution lies in an old case and someone's desperate need for revenge.

    Long Days, Short Nights: Part 2
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Season 2

  • Cease Upon the Midnight: Part 1

    Stuart Evans is 40 years old and in the advanced stages of AIDS. When he dies the night after his birthday party no one thinks anything of it but his parents donate his remains to scientific study. When Sam and Trevor start an examination of the remains, they notice needle marks and suspect his death may not have been straightforward. Their suspicions are confirmed when the toxicology reports indicate an extremely high level of morphine. Mark Tate is also an AIDS sufferer who has been told that he will soon go blind. He too dies suddenly and when the police learn that...

    Cease Upon the Midnight: Part 1
  • Cease Upon the Midnight: Part 2

    As Sam continues her forensic investigation into the two deaths, the police make an arrest but soon realize they have the wrong person in custody when a crucial piece of evidence is uncovered. Sam discovers the true identity of the person behind the deaths but rather than tell the police, she decides to let him to turn himself in. Unfortunately, this leads to a tragic result. In her personal life, Sam and Peter Ross renew their long-ago romance.

    Cease Upon the Midnight: Part 2
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Season 3

  • Fallen Idol: Part 1

    Gemma Boyd, an attractive 17-yr old, is found dead at the bottom of a staircase. Although the cause of death was a broken neck, there is little to indicate whether she fell or was pushed. She was found in a vacant house that her estate agent mother and step-father were selling. The autopsy reveals that Gemma had already had a child and was pregnant. The police think that Gemma's boyfriend is their man but when someone else is revealed as the father in the latest pregnancy, Sam thinks there is a far more complex set of relationships at play. Sam's sister Wyn visits ...

    Fallen Idol: Part 1
  • Fallen Idol: Part 2

    The 2 nd part of A Fallen Idol. A 17 year old attractive teen was found dead at the bottom of a staircase in an empty house for sale. Family dynamics and a boyfriend are the focus here. Meanwhile the Pathologist makes a decision about her boyfriend.

    Fallen Idol: Part 2
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Season 4

  • A Kind of Justice: Part 1

    Brian McNally is a one-time criminal with a major problem. The day after he is badly beaten by gangster Mike Georghiou, McNally finds Georghiou's strangled body at his business. He's convinced that Mike's brother Tony, also a gangster known for his violent streak, will come after him so he gets Sam Ryan to prove that he couldn't have been the killer. Sam does so but when McNally's body is found at the foot of a building, a supposed suicide, she feels she has somehow contributed to his death. What Sam doesn't realize is the is not only going up against organized crime ...

    A Kind of Justice: Part 1
  • A Kind of Justice: Part 2

    Following the death of murder suspect Brian McNally, Sam Ryan is approached by his daughter.

    A Kind of Justice: Part 2
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Season 5

  • Two Below Zero: Part 1

    When the naked body of a young woman is found in the snow at a Norwegian ski resort, Sam Ryan is asked to represent the Townsend family whose daughter Ruth disappeared there several weeks before. The autopsy however reveals that it is in fact the body of Louise Hutton who had vanished there some 15 years previously. When Ruth's body is subsequently found, it appears both girls were strangled in a similar fashion. The police focus their enquiries on Ruth's boyfriend and on Henry Hutton, Louise's uncle while Sam seeks the advice of a university colleague and tries to ...

    Two Below Zero: Part 1
  • Two Below Zero: Part 2

    Sam learns more about the personality type that has now killed 3 girls.

    Two Below Zero: Part 2
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Season 6

  • Kith and Kill: Part 1

    The police investigate an apparent break-in that results in the death of Derek Irons, his wife and youngest daughter. Two older children survived the attack but one is in serious condition and in a coma. Irons was a ruthless businessman who targeted his rivals' customers resulting in regular confrontations. Irons was stabbed but his wife and daughter were shot. Sam is reunited with an old friend from Northern Ireland, Det. Supt. Tony Ashton who is the senior investigative officer on the case. Harry assists the police with the death of an old woman who is believed to ...

    Kith and Kill: Part 1
  • Kith and Kill: Part 2

    The police continue their investigation into the deaths of several members of the Irons family but based on the forensic evidence, they now believe he may have been killed elsewhere and then transported to his home. When one of Irons' two surviving children is killed, they look to his circle of friends and family for a possible motive. Thanks to Harry's information, the police investigate further into the death of an elderly woman who supposedly fell down the stairs in her home. Supt. Tony Ashton clearly wants to renew his friendship with Sam but she isn't so sure. ...

    Kith and Kill: Part 2
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Season 7

  • Fatal Error: Part 1

    Sam comes under intense scrutiny during an official inquiry into the deaths of two brothers while they were in prison. Her findings are soon challenged by her colleague, Leo Dalton, who is brought in to perform a second autopsy. Meanwhile, a series of murders that are taking place cast suspicion on a recently released ex-convict. He served years in prison after being convicted of killing his wife; the evidence against him was given by Sam during one of her very first cases. During his time in prison, however, he continued to deny his guilt. Sam begins to believe that ...

    Fatal Error: Part 1
  • Fatal Error: Part 2

    Sam and Leo, colleague Pathologists, are on opposing sides of a high-profile court case.

    Fatal Error: Part 2
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Season 8

  • Death by Water: Part 1

    Tensions are running high in the 'leaderless' team as Leo and Harry clash over an investigation into an outbreak of breathing difficulties among children on the South Coast.

    Death by Water: Part 1
  • Death by Water: Part 2

    The team is approached by a support group of survivors from a recent train crash. What caused the tragedy, and what is the identity of the unidentified Body 21? When the mysterious body is named, Harry, Nikki and Leo get closer to finding out what caused the train crash - with tragic consequences for one of the heroes of the disaster.

    Death by Water: Part 2
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Season 9

  • Choices: Part 1

    The team investigates deaths and injuries resulting from a drive by shooting outside a club. The forensics team determines that the bullets were home-made and it would appear that someone in the crowd returned fire. The police want to solve this quickly before it escalates into a gang war. Curiously, the bullets fired by both sides were made using the same equipment. Nikki attempts to determine the cause of death for a badly decomposed body found in a crack house.Leo continues to have difficulties dealing with the recent death of his wife and daughter.

    Choices: Part 1
  • Choices: Part 2

    With the murder of the club manager, the pathologists also determine that the club owner shot his own girlfriend, likely by accident. They also identify an unlikely suspect in the shooting of the club manager. Harry and Nikki confront Leo over his abusive and unprofessional behavior.

    Choices: Part 2
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Season 10

  • Terminus: Part 1

    Harry investigates a case of hit and run where the victim was a 16 year old boy from the nearby housing estate. Working with Sgt. Susan Fenn, they attempt learn if this was an accident or intentional. Harry takes quite a liking to Susan and is shocked by a sudden turn of event. Leo examines a death resulting from a house fire where the lady of the house died. He is puzzled at why she was unable to leave and the police immediately suspect the husband, who was in a nearby park with the children, of murder. Nikki looks into the case of a young woman who collapses at her ...

    Terminus: Part 1
  • Terminus: Part 2

    The pathologists busy week continues with a variety of cases. Nikki examines a death in a telemarketing office. Several workers were vying for promotion and the police suspect foul play. Harry deals with the case of a professional footballer who committed suicide. He realizes there is a link to another case he is working on. Leo deals with the case of a drunk who died on a bus. There is little information about the man and the case becomes more of a puzzle when the autopsy reveals that he wasn't drunk at all.

    Terminus: Part 2
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Season 11

  • Suffer the Children: Part 1

    Leo Dalton investigates the death of a young boy whose body is found in the river. He was badly abused and his hands and feet were severed. The child is found to have been HIV positive and the pathologists determine that he may have been the victim of a ritual killing., perhaps as part of an exorcism that went too far. When the skeletal remains of another child is found, Leo believes the police have focused their investigation on the wrong man. Nikki Alexander investigates the apparent suicide of Father Anthony Reid who appears to have jumped from his apartment window...

    Suffer the Children: Part 1
  • Suffer the Children: Part 2

    When a second person, Vincent Fricks, is found dead with ligature marks around his neck, Nikki and Harry not only find a connection between the two dead men but also with the school where Father Reid committed suicide. They also find another common link between the three. Leo Dalton continues his investigation into a local church that combines Christian with African beliefs and customs. He manages to find physical evidence linking one of the dead boys to the church.

    Suffer the Children: Part 2
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Season 12

  • Death's Door: Part 1

    The team is called in to identify the corpse of a woman whose face was surgically removed after death. Janet Mander, a Home Office anthropologist, cannot link it to similar murders but, after Nikki has reconstructed the face, Holly, a medical student on work experience with Harry,recognizes the woman as Fran Price, an investigative journalist. Pargeter, her agent, is evasive and Supt. Barker, the investigating police officer, does not help as he is obsessed with the idea that Leonid Polyak, a Russian criminal Fran helped to put behind bars, has ordered a hit on her ...

    Death's Door: Part 1
  • Death's Door: Part 2

    Everyone is affected by Holly Farr's murder. The pathologists find that she was tortured and beaten but died from having her throat slit. The police believe that her death is related to that of Fran Price and the recent leaks of forensic evidence to the press may have led the killer to her. Supt. Barker decides to put armed policeman to guard each of the three pathologists but Harry Cunningham, who saw Barker go into Holly's house, is suspicious of his true motives. When a prominent Russian, Oleg Kolik, seeks asylum in the UK saying he is the true target of the ...

    Death's Door: Part 2
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Season 13

  • Voids: Part 1

    Left wing writer Tom Flannery rings for the emergency services when he finds his investment banker wife Bridget dead at the foot of their stairs, lying in an unnaturally large pool of blood. Both Harry and Detective Superintendant Jenkins find the death suspicious as some blood seems to have been cleaned from the wall, making a 'void', but then Jenkins dislikes Flannery's anti-police strand in his writings and she knows Bridget was insured. Nikki believes the death was an accident until Bridget's sister Muriel tells her that the first Mrs. Flannery also died after ...

    Voids: Part 1
  • Voids: Part 2

    At the coroner's inquest into Bridget's death Nikki and Harry give conflicting evidence though it turns out that a young policewoman made the 'void' when she slipped on the blood and touched the wall to steady herself. Disturbed mental patient Diamanda Yannis,who had previously attacked Tom's daughter Anna, a nurse, was seen at the Flannery house, covered in blood but she dies after a fight with police. Harry has the first Mrs. Flannery exhumed, proving that someone killed her. Tom admits to Nikki it was him,during a drunken argument over his wish to marry Bridget. He...

    Voids: Part 2
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Season 14

  • Lost: Part 1

    Nikki's archaeologist friend Patrick is excited when a woman's body,apparently a thousand years old,is unearthed on a Yorkshire moor. However dental records show she is a more recent murder victim and Leo,who once worked in the area,believes she is Jodie Fisher,who went missing in 1985. Three other girls were murdered and the killer,Karl Bentley,caught and jailed. Leo,unsuccessful in his efforts with Janet to make a baby and applying to adopt,reencounters Jodie's mother,old flame Carol,before visiting Bentley,who creepily says that his actions were 'out of love'. Then...

    Lost: Part 1
  • Lost: Part 2

    Janet travels to Yorkshire with Leo where she identifies the murder of the fresh victim,Kelly Summers,as being a copycat of the Bentley killings,suggesting that Bentley had an accomplice still at large. This is confirmed when Sonia Hardwick,the investigating officer,finds a letter to Bentley from a boyfriend in the original file. A television crew visits the Fosters' farm house,where Carol's husband Bill snaps,attacking a journalist. He is arrested and interviewed by Sonia regarding his relationship with Karl Bentley. Between them Sonia and Leo deduce that Bentley had...

    Lost: Part 2
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Season 15

  • And Then I Fell in Love: Part 1

    When Nikki sees barefoot teen-ager Shannon Kelly run over by a car whilst fleeing somebody she sits with her until the ambulance arrives and later visits her in hospital,where it is clear she is frightened of a man. DS Masood tells Nikki Shannon has been sexually abused and suspects Abdul,her estranged stepfather. Shannon turns up at Nikki's and reluctantly agrees to go back to hospital. Meanwhile a gang of young Asian men are picking up and grooming white school-girls for the sex trade. They already have Shannon's friend Amy and go after two more,Hannah and Lauren. ...

    And Then I Fell in Love: Part 1
  • And Then I Fell in Love: Part 2

    Through a DNA link the pathologists find that John Dear was a client of unwilling child prostitutes Shannon and the deceased Amy whilst the suitcase victim is also identified. Nikki visits Shannon in hospital and learns about the gang of abductors but the young girl is too scared to name names. Through CCTV DS Masood gets the car registration number of a visitor to Shannon and arrives at a taxi firm where Salman,a somewhat reluctant and kind-hearted gang member, works. Salman helps Hannah and Lauren escape but is killed when his taxi crashes. The three girls are ...

    And Then I Fell in Love: Part 2
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Season 16

  • Trust: Part 1

    Leo attempts to help Mark Benson,whose wife Shona was imprisoned for killing their baby and begins to spot discrepancies in the expert witnesses at the trial. Petra Smith is abducted and imprisoned in a remote farm building at the same time as two women's corpses are discovered in a basement. Th officer in charge,Chrissie Reid,once has an affair with Jack until he accused her of corruption in order to get an arrest. The two women have been injected with a toxic substance and Chrissie and Nikki visit the factory that makes it. The suspicious actions of scientist Lucas ...

    Trust: Part 1
  • Trust: Part 2

    Nikki escapes the burning building but Petra dies and Leo's examination shows she was injected with anthrax. Jack identifies one of the basement victims,also injected,as being Lucas Ballinger's wife and Nikki surprises him at the scene of the murders though he flees. He goes after Hearns and later Chrissie finds Roper,who was the accomplice in taking the virus out of Ballinger's workplace, dead. The team must locate Ballinger and find out why he allowed his wife to be a victim as well as stopping him from committing a terrible revenge which could endanger thousands of...

    Trust: Part 2
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Season 17

  • Coup de Grace: Part 1

    Forensic evidence given by Nikki contributes to the release on appeal of disturbed ex-soldier David Bennetto, charged with murdering two gay boys, one of whom he had sex with. DI Rachel Klein is not convinced of David's innocence , especially when a rent boy calling himself Byron Lee is shot dead and David's car is caught on CCTV near the murder scene. The fact that Nikki is dating Bennetto's solicitor Greg Walker makes her partial in the inspector's eyes and she is removed from the case. On the night that yet another gay youngster Charlie Masham is also shot Greg, on...

    Coup de Grace: Part 1
  • Coup de Grace: Part 2

    The police surround the flat but David hands the gun over to Greg, explaining that it was his father's gun, which he had found and wanted to get rid of. Nikki is verbally abused by Charlie's father and DI Klein wants her suspended but Clarissa and Jack discover that the gun found by David did not kill Charlie and nor could he have killed Byron Lee. The pathologists work out that the real serial killer had an alarming insight into David Bennetto's background and their motive was not sexual but obsessed with having power over others. Circumstances also end Nikki's ...

    Coup de Grace: Part 2
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Season 18

  • Falling Angels: Part 1

    Nikki and Jack are called to a tube station where a homeless ex-soldier has fallen under the wheels of a subway train. Leaving the station hotel receptionist Lana Sutherland meets another homeless man, Owen Hanmore, whom she invites to stay with her, becoming his lover. Meanwhile a series of murders occurs with no visible link, beyond the fact that all the victims had used the same tube station.

    Falling Angels: Part 1
  • Falling Angels: Part 2

    Whilst fibres under the nails of the latest victim provide a link the the St Jude's homeless hostel Lana is interviewed as a formality and states that Owen Hanmore was outside the tube station at the time of the first death and must thus be innocent. Clarissa, however, finds evidence of Lana's prints on the victim's phone and Lana and Hanmore are both increasingly under suspicion as they locate Lana's child and attempt to kidnap him. The child will provide a link to the murders whilst Nikki helps Luke to come to terms with his own past.

    Falling Angels: Part 2
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Season 19

  • Flight: Part 1

    When a young British Muslim returns to the UK in secret it is thought she may be connected with drug smuggling, but when a leading anti-fundamentalist Muslim is murdered something more sinister is feared.

    Flight: Part 1
  • Flight: Part 2

    As the team try to track down Sarah Begovic, before she and her extremist compatriots can strike again, it becomes clear that she may not be the one who shot Ryman.

    Flight: Part 2
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Season 20

  • Discovery: Part 1

    When teacher Lucy Chatham is abducted Nikki and Jack help police officers Andy Steemson and Karen Wretzy investigate the circumstances of her disappearance whilst Thomas assists abrasive DS Maureen Steele when ex-addict Tina Lunt is murdered. Doctor's daughter Jessica Timpson saw a car outside her house near the spot where Lucy was taken and her parents Nick and Ellie fear it may belong to Ellie's brother Alec Porter. Tina's death points to criminal boyfriend Wesley Beale whilst Lucy's sister's boyfriend Jasper Lampton is the key suspect when Lucy, his secret lover, ...

    Discovery: Part 1
  • Discovery: Part 2

    Ex-drug user Jasper is hauled in by Steemson for killing Beale, who had been his supplier but released again whilst Ellie confides her fear to Nick that Jessica is covering for Alec, whom he believes to be the murderer. Then Clarissa finds a link between Alec and a twenty year old crime in Brighton for which he was acquitted. As a result he goes on the run and Ellie finds herself in danger from an unexpected source before the multiple killer is caught.

    Discovery: Part 2
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Season 21

  • Duty of Candour: Part 1

    Pregnant Karen Sawyers is murdered and her blood-stained husband Pete found wandering the streets but DI Naomi Silva turns her attention to Karen's lover, Adam Hayes, who was treating her at his clinic and had arranged for her to have a termination. Then Adam is also found dead. Clarissa finds evidence that Karen was being blackmailed with threats of Pete getting her medical records. This leads Naomi and Nikki to hospital head Simon Laing, who tells them a computer hacker calling himself Splinter stole patients' files though Simon kept it quiet for fear of tarnishing ...

    Duty of Candour: Part 1
  • Duty of Candour: Part 2

    With Jason in a coma the police, given his hospital attendance, assume he was Splinter's latest victim though he was not robbed. A known hacker Gary Brockham is arrested and admits to selling hospital files on the dark web whilst Laing must admit his use of a questionable computer system company. He too is killed before a secret from the past resolves the case.

    Duty of Candour: Part 2
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