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Are You Being Served?

IMDB: 8.1

1972, 10 seasons to date


By Jeremy Lloyd

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This quintessentially British sitcom is about Grace Brothers, a department store in London which is owned and kept traditional, almost pre-war (e.g. precise dress code for ladies frills and gentlemen's hats according to rank), by two brothers who look old enough to have fought in the Boer war but rarely appear, as most scenes play on one floor where Mr. Cuthbert Rumbold is the executive (meaning he enjoys an endless parade of foxy but stupid secretaries) in charge of management while his dignified floor walker, Captain Stephen Peacock, has daily charge over two small sales teams. The bossy, implicitly man-hungry widow Mrs. Betty Slocombe supervises the attractive Miss Shirley Brahms (with a terribly common Cockney accent) -with first choice of customers, on commission- the sale of women's clothes and accessories; the sales star at the gentleman's side is Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humpries, an implied closet-gay true gentleman, whose successive superiors are first obviously nearly ...

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Season 1

  • Camping In

    The recent travel strikes have left the staff stranded at the store. At first thought, the idea of camping out on the floor seems a horrible idea, but soon the staff start sharing many war memories and find out that staying the night might not be as bad as they thought.

    Camping In
  • His and Her's

    The center display stand is missing and Mr.Grainger is not pleased. Mr.Rumbold informs the staff that Grace Brothers has made an agreement to sell perfume from the His and Her company. The staff becomes even more infuriated when the perfume company starts handing out free ties and stockings with every purchase of perfume.

    His and Her's
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Season 2

  • Big Brother

    Due to recent shoplifting at Grace Brothers, Mr.Rumbold announces that the first floor will be a guinea pig for the new security cameras. But when the staff find out that Rumbold is watching everything they do, they take action to get rid of the cameras.

    Big Brother
  • Hoorah for the Holidays

    Due to the fact that Mr.Grace is having the entire department redecorated, management has offered 5 pounds inconvenience money if the staff take their holidays in August. Very unhappy about the situation, the staff refuse to comply, so Mr.Grace offers them various holiday packages for them to choose from.

    Hoorah for the Holidays
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Season 3

  • Up Captain Peacock

    After 20 years of service at Grace Brothers, Captain Peacock is congratulated with a honorary medal. As well he has been granted the key to the executive washroom and a seat in the executive dining room. The floor staff are quite displeased about this and feel that their segregated work places are entirely unfair. But what can they do about it?

    Up Captain Peacock
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Season 5

  • The Old Order Changes

    Captain Peacock doesn't have his usual carnation and is in a very bad mood, but now that Mr. Grace has returned from America, carnations will no longer be needed, along with a lot of other things. In fact the entire manner of the floor will be changing. Casual dress and first-name terms within the department are only the beginning!

    The Old Order Changes
  • Take-Over

    There's a big secret at Grace Brothers, apparently the store might be taken over by a competitor. To discuss the matter, a board room meeting has been organized. Convinced that the new company will give them all the boot, the staff are quick to search for new jobs. But then the staff are informed that there is a chance that Grace Brothers can be saved if enough shareholders go against the take-over. Unfortunately the four shareholders who's vote would save Grace Bros aren't able to attend the meeting, so in a effort to save the store, and their jobs, the staff ...

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